You gave such a lovely welcoming and friendly atmosphere, all the very best to both of you! (card from Glasgow)
We had a great time, please have a meal on us (generous gift and card from Dunfermline)
Your coffee is the best we have tasted in all of Scotland (card from Italian family)
We really enjoyed your company and the coffee was the best we had (letter from Northampton)
We loved the Seaview Room, thank you so much going out of your way to be so hospitable! (card from Australia)
Thanks for a fantastic end to our Honeymoon! (card and bottle of wine from Germany)
We just loved staying at The Honeypot (jar of Vegemite from Australia)
Thanks for being great bosses I really look forward to working again next summer (nice wee card from staff member)
Thanks for giving us vouchers and other things for our Fun Day (thank you drawings from Crail Primary Pupils)